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Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post
Hey MT, I remember you said you're not a fan of .45s because they are too big. I compared a Beretta 92FS to a 1911. For a small handed shooter, a 1911fits better. Berettas have wider grips. I think Tauruses are thinner but still, wouldn't a 1911 fit your hands better? Although 1911s are a little harder to control, you get used to them eventually to the point that they feel like a 9mm. I'm not trying to sell it to you but I was just a little curious on the matter.
I didn't mean they're literally "too big"; I meant they're too big in the sense that I have a bit more difficulty handling recoil. Though that being said, the 4506 (which I own) is still gigantic both in terms of caliber and in terms of recoil. Then again, I rarely fire the 4506, and until recently, wasn't doing much shooting at all. I do intend to try a lot harder to get myself into 1911s. But the 4506, I can't imagine myself getting used to.

I have pretty long fingers, so guns with wide grips don't tend to bother me as much as they do other people with hands similar in size to mine. If you take a look at that picture on my profile showing a P226 in my hand, you can see what my hands look like.
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