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Old 03-22-2009, 03:31 AM
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Default Front page feature article disabled

The code is preserved below, but I had to disable it - the load on the server pushing out screencaps everytime the front page was hit was too great. Does anyone know of a way we can limit the number of screencaps on the front page only? Or a way to only preview a portion of the featured article?

<option>{{:The Unit}}</option>
<option>{{:Terminator 2: Judgement Day}}</option>
<option>{{:Shoot 'Em Up}}</option>
<option>{{:3:10 to Yuma (2007)}}</option>
<option>{{:Full Metal Panic}}</option>
<option>{{:The Replacement Killers}}</option>
<option>{{:Street Kings}}</option>
<option>{{:Tropic Thunder}}</option>
<option>{{:Sin City}}</option>
<option>{{:The Quick and the Dead (1995)}}</option>
<option>{{:The Matrix}}</option>
<option>{{:Rambo (2008)}}</option>
<option>{{:Last Action Hero}}</option>
<option>{{:True Lies}}</option>
<option>{{:The Departed}}</option>
<option>{{:Training Day}}</option>
<option>{{:The Punisher (2004)}}</option>
<option>{{:Iron Man (2008)}}</option>
<option>{{:Saving Private Ryan}}</option>
<option>{{:Live Free or Die Hard}}</option>
<option>{{:The Rock}}</option>
<option>{{:Lord of War}}</option>
<option>{{:Hard Boiled}}</option>
<option>{{:Bad Boys II}}</option>
<option>{{:The Incredible Hulk (2008)}}</option>
<option>{{:Black Hawk Down}}</option>
<option>{{:Hot Fuzz}}</option>
<option>{{:Stargate: SG1}}</option>
<option>{{:Ultimate Force}}</option>
<option>{{:Mr. & Mrs. Smith}}</option>
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