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I recently did a film called Rockabilly Zombie Weekend (and made the IMFDB and TV Tropes pages for it), and it tended to be all over the place with realism. The actors were taken to a range for live fire practice before filming and did unloaded, improvised scenario training (along the lines of putting them in an area, handing them the weapons, and making them act in character during a scenario like "There's a zombie over there and you need to get here. Go!") to see how they would naturally fall into place as a group. The realism problems were a few instances of OVERSTATED recoil (there's one moment in the full trailer where an SKS has huge vertical recoil that you'd expect from a 10 gauge magnum and an inexperienced shooter) and one instance of an untrained character hitting a zombie from the hip with a Type 56. The CGI also isn't perfect for all the gunshots or blood spray and is probably the biggest criticism of the film. Of course, it's not really worse than The Walking Dead...

However, there's some good bits. Magazine capacity is never exceeded, mostly because each sequence with guns only involves firing a handful of shots. The gore from gunshots doesn't get excessive, with only two instances of blood spray on an object behind someone's head (the two goriest on-camera shots are in the trailer, and both are nothing but red mist behind the head). There's a short sequence in the bar where the gun-handy characters are trying to quickly teach the others how to operate guns (and one gets eaten because she forgets to load her revolver before going out). One behind the scenes video on Youtube includes part of the convenience store scene, and they clear it pretty well for regular rednecks. The soldiers at the airport are mil-sim airsofters, many with a military or police background, so they consistently show good practice and even had the real veterans set up the checkpoint as they would have done in the Middle East. The director, of all people, shows up with a proper flashlight and handgun grip in the very last scene. And there's a moment where an untrained shooter accidentally hits the protagonist in the leg with a 9mm and he ends up woozy and stunned from the pain and blood loss, and spends the entire rest of the movie limping and needing help to get around when he doesn't have adrenaline on his side.

And while the actual gun shots on camera have badly understated sound effects, there's about a dozen or so off-screen shots during the buildup to the zombie attack. They sound exactly right and even at a distance are loud enough to be startling.

I've only seen the finished film once, though I'm going to see it again in Daytona at the end of the month and I can get some better looks at the handling. It'll be easier when they release it on DVD.

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