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Old 05-15-2009, 09:01 PM
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Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days/Weeks Later, etc.
As my primary arms, I'd say (a) a similarly-configured Colt carbine like the one Will Smith had in "I Am Legend" with at least 300 rounds packed into 20-round magazines (less susceptible to magazine-related malfunctions) carried on me in a combat vest, LBE, etc.. A good all-arounder that can be used both at a decent range and up close. Full auto or burst capability wouldn't be particularly necessary, like Excalibur pointed out. And (b) a pump-action shotgun such as an Ithaca 37 for real nasty situations.

As my sidearm, a high-capacity pistol like a Springfield XD in 9mm (can carry more ammo, since caliber wouldn't necessarily matter in this case as long as the round hits the brain) or an FN Five-Seven. None of this Desert Eagle crap, thank you.

And when you get down to bare bones, a trusty Ka-Bar never runs out of ammo.

Resident Evil
In Resident Evil, zombies are the least of my worries, so I'd prefer to have full auto or burst capability in my AR should it be needed (Hunters, Lickers, Seekers, etc). All else identical as above.

Grenade launchers are attractive, but that 30 meter arming radius would work against me. Not to mention I can only carry a limited number of rounds for one. So I'd pass on my beloved M203 in this case, unless I'm trying to impress and get some poontang from a cute survivor before I die a horrible death...
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