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Old 11-02-2016, 02:45 AM
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Default Bolt Action Rifle Questions

Ok, I have some questions for a story/misc character, in regards to what kind of rifle he uses.

It's specifically a bolt action rifle, because he lives in an area in Colorado where temperatures can and will get below sub-zero.

At the moment, I have it as a 30-06 he had converted to 35 Whelen (Though I am willing to discuss this if it doesn't make sense), and has a set of iron sights mounted on the barrel, as a backup to a scope.

What might be a better rifle, for what I've described? Savage 116, or a Tikka rifle?

Or, does it make more sense he'd more likely have a 30-06 or something else for a winter bolt action in Colorado?

Thank you in advance.

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