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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
What's with all the obsession over this GoldenEye page?
Largely just that you want to figure out what the hell they were thinking with some of the weapon designs since they must have been thinking something. It's not really the basis of many recent conflicts, most of the drama with that one was years back now.

Still, the main reason it's a drama magnet is because Burt is obsessed with fiddling with it. The page has 436 revisions in total, and I count at least 100 of those (23%) as Burt / POI. Including such brilliantly helpful decisions as replacing all the headings with the in-game weapon names because he thought that should be the standard.

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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Does anyone remember the good old days when we never had these kinds of users. We were a fresh new site that had a lot of potential?
yeah those were good times. Oh well you can't go home again.
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