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Old 11-10-2009, 04:59 AM
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Question Need help with the National Treasure Page

I've now added screen caps to the National Treasure page (under the user Snow Crash), as previously it only had descriptions for the guns (which i did not write). There are a couple of area's which i'm slightly unsure about, and any help would be greatly appreciated .

1. The original description didn't say which variant of the H&K MP5 it was, though provided a picture of the MP5A3. I decided to change it to the MP5A2, which is mostly a guess due to them having a full stock in the movie. It could also be the MP5A4 though?

2. I've left up the description for the FN Five-seven, but out of the screenshots i took i couldn't seen any of those (though i might have missed it). If i recall correctly Ian barely even touches a handgun until the last scene or so (in which it's clearly not an FN Five-seven).

3. Once again, the original description is for the Smith & Wesson 5906 that Ian is holding in the last scene or so. Whilst it looks somewhat like it, i'm not completely sure.

4. Are there any specifics or model names i should put in the Taser section. I don't really know anything about Taser's, so i left it pretty sparse.

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