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Old 05-17-2009, 08:01 PM
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GM: Will you need permits and the like to fire blank guns?
And don't worry about acting, if you're half as good as Keanu Reaves then everything will be fine.
If you are using airsoft guns, I would recommend you use CO2 blowback ones, because they typically have the best slide action, which would enhance the realism. Make sure you don't fire them with an empty magazine because it will either lock empty after the first shot, or break the feeding mechanism in the magazine.

You probably know all of this don't you. You could always break from the zombie norm and go with something like the feral humans concept, or the crazy rabies people. That would save the trouble of makeup being applied, and it would give the people freedom to act crazy in different ways, instead of lurching slowly about arms forward like a one man conga line.

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