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Old 12-02-2008, 02:46 AM
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Default A proposal regarding Foreign Film titles on

I have a proposal for foreign films on IMFDB.

I would like to suggest that our formatting outline puts the "English" title first and the original foreign Title second, only if that film has been released in the U.S. under the english title. (unlike IMDB).

I did this for "der Untergang". Most folks know it in the U.S. as "Downfall" (actually I did the title "Downfall aka "Der Untergang"")

This also applies to the Chinese gangster movie "Gates of Hell (1995)" . I really don't want to list the title as "Yang guang di yu zhi ren rou shi chang" Nor would I want to see the ANIME movie "Ghost in the Shell" be renamed "Kokaku Kidotai ". Or the Chinese movie "A Better Tomorrow" be renamed "Ying hung boon sik".

You see, IMDB has a rule that you must list the movie by the title it was originally released by. I think we can distinguish ourselves from IMDB by allowing the ENGLISH title to be the primary search parameter, not the other way around.

the exception is films like "Ich War Neunzehn" which were NEVER released in an English version or with an English title to the U.S.

thoughts anyone? I've noticed an increase in foreign films listed in the movie list, but I know most of them by their English language names, not their original names. I would like to propose that we adopt this naming nomenclature for

Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.
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