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Old 07-29-2015, 04:51 AM
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Default Best handgun round?

I've been doing more and more research on handgun calibers as far as use on self defense/police use and I've decided after looking over the most common handgun rounds that 9x19mm is the perfect handgun caliber for that use. 9mm you can hold more rounds in a pistol, less recoil therefore easier to keep on target and faster followup shots especially in a stressful situation, more velocity and range (not as important in handguns but in submachineguns/carbines) and cheaper to buy and therefore more economical for practice. The arguments for .45 ACP and .40 S&W in my opinion are nullified being that stopping power in handguns has largely been proven a myth. .40 S&W has excessive snap/recoil compared to 9mm holds less rounds and has a drastically reduced service life in comparison to 9mm handguns of the same type. The only reason I can find to use a .45 ACP over 9mm is if your running a suppressor as .45 ACP is subsonic. .45 ACP handguns also tend to have a drastically reduced capacity compared to 9mm. Only merits to use .40 S&W is they can be slightly more reliable shooting through a car windshield.

Can anyone argue a reason to use a caliber other than 9mm for a handgun in self defense/police usage...
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