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Old 04-01-2013, 04:06 PM
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Default Redoing the grenade pages

Hello everybody, I am new to those forums but not new to the website. I did a few pages so far and I keep correcting stuff whenever I encounter something.

What bothers me is that the grenade pages have always been more or less the "step child" of this site. While creating the Italian hand grenade sites the other day I thought maybe I could redo all the grenade pages (there are not that many, the task is definately possible).

So I wanted to ask the gurus in here, what is the desired formatting, what information should it include?

I would go the following route:

Picture, small text about the history of the grenade, then the following specs:

Classification: Offensive/Defensive
Type: High Explosive/Fragmentation/Incendiary/Smoke/Stun/Rifle Grenade etc...
In service: ??-??
Diameter: mm (. in)
Weight: g
Length: mm (. in)
Detonation mechanism: Impact/Time Fuzed (s)
Blast radius: ?? - ?? meters (?? - ?? ft)
Type of Explosive: TNT/PETN etc...
Weight of Explosive:

For the formatting itself I would do it similarily like those pages:,_O.T.O.,_S.R.C.M.

Maybe somebody could also create a demo page if anybody has some special wishes.

Share your thoughts!
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