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Old 04-20-2010, 03:19 AM
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Default Gun control laws. Reasonable or stupid?

Politics aside since we all know a lot of times gun laws are made for stupid reasons, but let's focus on the laws themselves and do they seem reasonable.

Like the Full auto restriction to civilians. In America, you can get full auto weapons in some states bear in mind with a class 3 license, background check, stamps, etc.

But do you think it's a reasonable gun law?

What about states or countries like Canada that have magazine capacity limits to no more than 10 round magazines despite how in a lot of crime, suspects with illegal possessions of guns have them anyway or uses guns that are below 10 rounds.

Do you think it is a reasonable law for magazine limits?

What about flash hiders? Telescoptic, retractable, or folding stocks?

Barrel length restrictions?

What do you think about these restrictions?

There's a ban on "military ammunition" like 5.56 NATO the military uses, but there is no restriction on buying .50 BMG or even rounds that are just a bit more powerful than the standard military weapons that are called "Armor piercing".

So tell me your opinions on gun laws. Do you think any of them have some merit or that most of them are stupid.

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