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Default Fun diversion

Okay, this may only serve to interest a few of you who have read the source material. For those that haven't, feel free to read the provided wikipedia links for a lesson in early to mid 20th century gun culture and then participate.

Pale Horse Coming is an old fashioned western/mystery/thriller/shoot 'em up by the American novelist Stephen Hunter. It is my favorite of his books featuring the father and son duo of Earl Lee and Bob Lee Swagger. Yes, the same Bob Lee Swagger from Shooter.

In this installment of the Swagger Sage, Earl Lee teams up with six legendary gunmen/gunfighters/gun writers/war heros under various surnames of the greats in American gun culture. They are listed as follows:

Elmer Keith This fellow invented both the .41 Magnum and .44 Magnum. He also had a hand in developing the .357 Magnum and wrote for Gns and Ammo.

Jack O'Connor This fellow was a big proponent of the .270 and helped popularize the "mall, fast bullet" theory. He also wrote for Outdoor Life.

Bill Jordan Bill Jordan was legendary Border Patrolman and pistol instructor. He also had a hand in developing the .357 Magnum and wrote the highly popular No Second Place Winner.

Charlie Askins Col. Askins was border patrolman, gunfighter and Army ordinance officer. He supposedly was the first man to kill another man with the .44 Magnum in South Vietnam while hunting elephant as an advisor.

Ed McGivern "Mr. Ed" was one of the best revovler shooters of all time. He wrote the highly influential book Fast and Fancy Revovler Shooting

So my question, if there was ever to be a movie of this great film. Who would play the above?

I came up with the following

Earl Lee Swagger- Tommy Lee Jones
Elmer Keith- Will Patton
Jack O'Connor- James Garner
Audie Murphy- Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Bill Jordan- Tom Hanks
Charlie Askins- Bruce Willis
Ed McGivern- Donald Sutherland
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