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Old 07-15-2010, 12:50 PM
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Default Agent Reid and his revolver in Criminal Minds.Why the switch?

Why did Reid switch to revolver in ''Criminal Minds'' in the fourth season? Yes the F.B.I. authorized the S&W Model 10 with 3" barrel and the round butt grip configuration in the mid seventies. And in the late eighties authorized the S&W Model 13 with 3" barrel and round butt grip, but Reid would have been a kid in the late eighties See: ''Silence of the Lambs'' and ''Dead Bang''.

I suppose it might be something of a nod to the old timers and perhaps a clever way to link the show to ''Silence of the Lambs'' , but I can't find any info about the switch either in a backstory or actual reality. As a revolver fan I like seeing a wheelgun getting so much exposure. Especially in the hands of a "cool" character instead of some old dinosaur, but I am curious as to the reason behind the switch.
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