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Old 07-06-2023, 08:00 PM
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Default Steiner MPS red dot sight. I feel like a Blade Runner

My agency has just equipped us with the Steiner MPS red dot sights (and new high profile metal sights if the red dot fails) on our Glock pistols. We spent about seven hours shooting on the range getting to know the sights (hot, sweaty but fun) and then we ran through the qualification course. Most of the time my qualification score runs between 93% - 95%. With the red dot I scored a 100% - all in the white and a very nice grouping of shots. Every officer passed first time through that day - 26 officers. I looked down the line at our new futuristic pistols and thought of the pistols used in "Blade Runner". I like the sights and I've always trusted Steiner's work. All those years in the Army and constant use of Steiner binos I suppose. Our range master is retired Army so I suppose he was biased as well. I can't believe how fast the tech has come. You younger guys probably don't see the big deal, but 35 years ago it was strictly iron sights and you held a flashlight in your hand. Amazing. The new metal sights haven't been installed on my pistol yet.

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