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Old 08-09-2016, 05:12 PM
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Default Getting older. What goes around comes around.

I knew I was getting old(er) when I saw a First Generation M1 Abrams sitting on a concrete pad in a park II think the Army is on it's 4th generation now - or is it third?). I remember when this particular version was high-tech cutting edge technology. Heck I remember the day the Army had a big roll-out for the press in the Spring of 1981. Finally we had a tank that could beat the Soviets. Now it's a static display for five year olds to play around on. I commanded one of those first generation Abrams and now if I tell a young kid that he/she will look at me like I looked at a WWII veteran when he told me how he used to operate a dual 40mm Bofors gun on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. That was in 1974. The Bofors gun was (and still is) a static display in the city park in Rigby, Idaho. What goes around comes around I guess.

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