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Old 08-21-2017, 03:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
Incivility and antisocial behaviour in online gaming has practically become standard, unfortunately, partly due to the Online Disinhibition Effect mentioned above, and partly because there's no such thing as penalties for Unsportsmanlike Conduct during online gaming, unlike in real-life pro sports matches like at Wimbledon. Even the most famous gaming clans, like Faze Clan, have members who rage online. No one calls anyone out on it, so the behaviour persists.
It's got nothing to do with actually playing the game, it's some people's attitudes toward the developers. If some feature or character they ask for doesn't get into the game, the developers are attacked as being "lazy" or "not caring about the fans." But when said feature or character is included, instead of being shown any gratitude, they're still derided because it "should have already been in." If a feature doesn't work right, it's because the devs "didn't work on it enough", but when they take their time and try to get said feature working correctly, they're derided for "taking too long."

It's really a no win situation with these kinds of people, who unfortunately seem to be a significant portion of the fanbase. If it wasn't the only way to have my wants for the games heard, I wouldn't bother with the ungrateful bastards.
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