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Old 11-08-2013, 11:27 PM
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Default Person of Season 3 gun IDs

Since the main site is being stupid and won't let me edit:
1st gun looks like a CZ 75, or something CZ at least
Last 3 pics: There's an MP7 in back, but I'm not sure about the one in front.

Single-strut metal side-folding stock

Top rail, interrupted for ejection port.

Suppressor (I think?)


Foreward-slanting grip with magazine well.

And what looks like a Glock trigger guard.
I swear it's some mutant Glock-to-carbine thing like the CAA Tactical RONI, but it's all wrong.

I was right!: FAB Defense Glock to Carbine PDW conversion kit.
The Glock trigger guard was the key, after that I let Google do the work. Why would you do that to a Glock? Or anything else?
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