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Old 10-07-2011, 08:46 PM
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Default Videogame guns can be made up!!!

Usually I just ignore the video game section of IMFDB like a red headed stepchild, but I am tired of people claiming a gun in a video game as so and so real-life gun. When you go and look at the video game gun in question multiple cases it bares a superficial resemblance to the alleged real life gun if that. It makes a mockery of IMFDB and hurts it's credibility in my opinion.


This entire page!

There are some exceptions on this page but for the most part, they are made up.

These aren't the only ones, I could go on and on

It just seems that a lot of people who make these video game IMFDB pages can't get it through their head that the video game designers are able to just make up a gun and draw it on the computer. No, they think that it HAS to be a real gun.
They look at the fake video game gun and instead of realizing it is a make believe gun they look for the real life gun that it looks most like and declare that it is so and so gun.

rant over.

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