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Old 05-17-2009, 01:29 AM
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So far we have 5 main characters and am looking for extras for zombies. We have lots of real guns, but little blanks so expect lots of CGI muzzle flashes . I have a good video editor and people who know how to use them, so editing will be decent. We have a decent budget since a few people on the team have jobs, so we can buy lots of corn syrup and red dye (a must for a zombie movie is BLOOD). We need a decent camera, the hand cam we have can only allow us nothing more than a crappy "Clover Field" style rip off.

The basic story was written by me in 20 minutes during a study hall, but someone else wrote a script out of it which I still have to read and revise.

Zombie makeup will be hard to get but we'll figure it out.

I'm very pleased with the story, and the ending is cool (I'm the last one alive in the story, yay!)

I'll try to make a dvd out of it, or send you a copy to download on the net so you can watch it. But first, I have to make it.

Two things worry me though. Acting and gun handling. Most of the people I'm working with on the movie aren't very good with guns (except one who is airforced trained, but don't ask me how since he's 16 ), and some parents won't let their kids use real guns, so I have to give them airsoft guns (which I hate doing). Also, even MY acting is a little wooden.

I know I'm taking this too seriously, but I wanted to show this to some people who could get me a better chance at becoming a film director.

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