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Old 02-14-2011, 12:49 AM
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Default We are not GameFAQs

In a lot of the video game articles, there's a lot of editorializing going on in the weapon descriptions. This gun does this and that and this one is good for this and can do this and blah blah blah stuff like that. The purpose of this site is to ID the guns, not give a running commentary on the stats of video game weapons or any sort of gameplay hints.

A video game weapon description should indicate;
A: What the weapon is.
B: Any accessories or modifications to the external appearance.
C: What characters use it in what parts of the game.
D: Trivial inaccuracies if applicable.

It's not really relevant to the stated mission of the site to say "Gun A is very accurate" or "Gun B has way more recoil than it should have". Thoughts?
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