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Old 12-01-2016, 05:15 AM
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Default Time for a new new revolver

The only problem with collecting vintage revolvers is the need to not inflict too much wear and tear on the grand old shooters. Regardless of the quality of the four screw S&W Model 19 or the pre-war (WWII) S&W Heavy Duty revolver I just don't like running a box (or more) of fire breathing loads through them. Yes they are very well made revolvers, but they are also fifty, sixty eighty and ninety year old handguns. A few months ago I realized that I've ended up with a bunch of revolvers that I am very proud of, but that I also treat with kid gloves. Sometimes you just have to have a shooter. I realized that meant I had to buy a modern high-quality revolver. A new new revolver. So today I withdrew some cash from my savings account (also known as my Toy Account) went to the local Sportsman's Warehouse and purchased a brand-new stainless steel Ruger GP-100. Thought about buying a Smith & Wesson, but Ruger makes a strong, reliable, no frills revolver and that's what I've been needing. So $700.00 later I now own a workhorse revolver. Now this I can shoot without feeling guilty because this sucker is designed to be used and used hard. My hothouse revolvers will just have to adjust.

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