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Old 06-04-2009, 05:03 AM
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As far as Gun Films go I have to say Nemisis is the best Cyberpunk gun film. If I didn't have it only on VHS I would get a friend who wants to help me screencap it with his computer.
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Old 06-05-2009, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post
Oh man, I forgot to add westerns.
How could you?

Quigley Down Under was great with that with pro-gun guy Tom Selleck in the lead, although the writers must have been pretty big rocking chair commandos, since whenever someone is hit by a .45-110 round from the Sharps, he is launched through the air. I have to add to that page, I missed some stuff (it was the first page I ever made with screencaps BTW).
I don't think anybody is going to fault you for missing some stuff. You do a lot of work around here!

And as for folks getting launched through the air, it's a movie. As long as it entertains and captivates, I can forgive the hollywood bullet hits. In fact some times I like that stuff.

True Grit is one of my all time favorite films, although Kim Darby's acting sucks.
I'm a big John Wayne fan. Made my wife sit through "Stagecoach" a few nights ago when it aired on cable. She fell asleep halfway through. She hates westerns.

Open Range was a realistic western except for the 16 shot revolvers and the people being thrown around. I liked it but this stood out a bit.
I know what you mean. Honestly, I don't consider any film to ever be realistic. Film is a dramatic medium, it glorifies and romanticizes whatever is in frame. It's nothing like real life, even when they try and make them real.

Open Range was a good flick that worked on a storytelling level. It had wonderful setups and payoffs, and it had a good solid emotional core. I don't mind if the film misses a few reloads here and there.

The kills are almost symbolic in how violent or non violent they are. The more "important" or suspenseful kills tend to me more violent. Or, throw people more.

The Shootist was a good film, although it wasn't neccessarily realistic. It has a lot of the the movie themes present that fill the spot where realism goes.
I sincerely doubt that realism mattered to the folks who made The Shootist. And honestly it never mattered to me as an audience member. Films are just like dime novels, they are not truth. I'm OK with that.

The new 3:10 to Yuma was an excellent film, mainly because Thell Reed taught the firearms training. It was also very authentic, although some editing problems gave a double barreled shotgun the ability to fire three rounds.
Thell Reed has worked on some of my favorite flicks. Big fan. Have you ever seen him shoot? It's like watching a pint size Jerry Miculek. He's FAST. He's a little guy, but he has a lot of power in his presence. 10 foot tall and bulletproof type guy. He has a cool site.

Of all gun movies, two stand out as the best, and that is Heat and Collateral. Michael Mann is an excellent director and his favoring of weapons training makes the movie much better. I think Tom Cruise handled firearms in Collateral better than any actor I've seen in previous films.
Big Mann fan here too. But even Mann puts drama into his shootouts and gunplay. I thought Cruise was a little too rigid in his stances and movements, but he sold it. It worked for his character to be that sort of "lockjaw" type shooter. Cruise is a good actor though. I even liked MI3.
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Old 06-06-2009, 01:06 AM
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Yeah, but I don't know if you can consider Cruise to be... all there. But don't tell Xenon I said that!

And I've visited Thell Reed's site before, I sent him an email asking him to tell me some stuff about 3:10 to Yuma for the site but all I got was an email from the site manager telling me he'd tell Thell. Since I have yet to recieve a reply, I'll assume he forgot or hope not to assume Thell didn't give a shit...
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Old 06-07-2009, 01:29 AM
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I agree, Cruise is not all there. Equal parts sincere and psychotic it seems like.

I very nearly worked on a film in clearwater florida that would have been shot in a mansion in his neighborhood. We scouted about 4 places around his complex, which was under construction at the time. HUGE place.

Downtown clearwater is like Scientology city these days. It's creepy.

I saw Nemesis was mentioned in this thread too. That was a pretty cool flick for it's day. I think that might be Albert Pyun's best film to date. He's made some real stinkers.

Would be great to get some input from Thell Reed. I'd imagine he's probably just really busy. I hope he wouldn't just offhandedly ignore you anyway.

So what good gun movies are we not listing here?

When do you ship out anyway?
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Old 06-07-2009, 01:33 AM
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flight at 525 am tomorrow, im bringing a few (Dirty harry box set, street kings, hot fuzz, great raid (ill screencap this) etc.) can buy some more there and theres a movie theater on base and one down the road.
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