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Old 04-21-2010, 07:22 PM
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Default The ATF and Custom are stupid about Airsoft

Look, I know I should be open minded, calm and civil when it comes to how ignorant, arrogant and well dumb our law enforcement agencies can be about guns, but this story I came across randomly just makes me piss.

I used to be in Airsoft. I played in college when I was in Purdue, part of a team that's part of an even bigger group all across the state. We went to Kentucky to take part in a mock battle of Operation Irene and played with THE Colonel McKnight in Airsoft, Marines, soldiers, police. Airsoft is a sport, a game, serious and fun.

This story I found about the ATF confiscating a shipment of Airsoft to a local mom and pop store because they can be converted into REAL guns made me mad, just mad. And how the ATF would dodge the questions and comments about if they can be made to shoot live rounds.

The follow up story

Listening to all this is just wow. 50,000 dollars worth of Airsoft stolen by the ATF. I mean this is stupid. They don't want to confiscate real shipments of guns coming into the US, but they want to confiscate pretty much toys. Looks like that one british commercial about airsoft being converted to live guns have screwed with the ATF's heads

Let me be clear, an Airsoft player will treat Airsoft like real firearms. We use the same gun rules, treat all if they are loaded, never point at anything that you are not willing to destroy, finger off the trigger until on target. We wear eye protections, before we play, we go over the safety and realities, we even have medics on site at big games.

I was at Walgreens recently and I saw a Nerf gun that's a double barrel rifle. Put 2 shells and bang. ATF going to get those? I mean someone can convert those into real guns right? They going to start taking away Red Ryders? My Daisy? (being sarcastic)

And the news vids are actually very neutral in their reporting instead of the usual Fox anti-gun bullshit

"There's a fine line between not listening and not caring...I like to think I walk that line everyday of my life."

Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle
Psalm 144:1

It is always wrong to use force, unless it is more wrong not to.

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