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Old 04-27-2011, 11:20 PM
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Default 50 BMG Dummies

I really like .50 BMG, but I don't see getting a rifle in that calibre in my near future, so...
With all the people that sell dummies, you wouldn't think I'd have such trouble getting my hands on them. I've tried J & A Discount Military Surplus and American Specialty Ammo. Both accepted my order, only to call me up and say 'sorry, not to Canada.' I tried to order from River Valley Ordnance, but they may or may not still be in business (my email bounced back, forum noise says they're OOB). Too bad, since their listed prices are awesome (25$ for a 2' linked belt).
After a little more poking around, it seems the US State Department has banned exportation of anything 50 BMG. Including dummies? I can't tell for sure.
Do any of you know;
Is it actually illegal to export dummies and;
If not, who will ship me some that don't have holes in them?
If so, would it be illegal for me to buy them in the US and bring them back? (I'll be in Washington next month and I could order them from Cabela's for in store pick up). Even typing that it sounds like a stupid question, but I've heard of stupider loopholes. I'd only have to deal with the Canadian border guards coming back, and as far as they're concerned .50 BMG is perfectly legal.

Failing those options, I guess I'll have to find somebody here who reloads that calibre (not easy!) and ask if they'll make me some.
Lot of effort for a paperweight.
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