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Old 12-26-2012, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
The reason I've considered the Model 19 over the 92SB is that Model 19s as a whole aren't as rare, and it's not practical for anything I'd do, nor is it the ideal collectors Model 19. It shoots good with the target trigger/hammer, but I never want to pay the ridiculous ammo bill for .357 Magnum, and I hate cleaning .38 Special rings out of the cylinder. As for collector status, it's not pinned and recessed, and even though the 6 inch barrel with the red ramp is rare, it's not quintessential like a 4 inch is. The long barrel makes it impossible to carry efficiently if I'm feeling wheelgunnish as well, and I'd be terrified of wearing the bluing. If I could do it over again I'd have bought a 4 inch Model 19-3 or 19-4 with the red ramp, or settled for a solid black front sight post. For a more functional revolver I would have gone for a Model 66 or early production 686, both of which are the most balanced in terms of practical use and collectibility.

The SB would be almost impossible to find again in any condition, though Predator is right on the FS front, and frankly the FS is way more quintessential and practical. But, as it stands, I can see myself taking the Beretta on a range trip (and I have since I got it) whereas I can't see myself taking the 19 (In the 3 years I was in Oregon, I never shot it due to cost reasons and inability to find 158 grain bullets to be on the safe side with the whole forcing cone concern).
Ah that's right a 6" barrel, more for target. I see where you're coming from. Neither will be seen that often in your LGS. But on GB there's plenty of Model 19s of course. There's no full size 92SBs, since it was a short generation in the Model 92 line. It was the end of the blued era.

Most of the handguns I've sold lately are because I have others I'm more likely to shoot instead. Also to consolidate magazines as well.

Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
All that said, I am still on the fence with it, and I do have a Hi-Power I could potentially part with as well... decisions, decisions.
While it's not light, I carry my HP MKIII on occasion. Generally during a private gun deal, selling or buying. They have all turned our great and no weird vibes. But you never really know. I picked a up beater MKII to carry instead and keep the MKIII looking nice. If I remember right your HP is an older one with blued finish, so you're not going to want to carry it either.
A man's got to know his limitations.
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