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Old 05-11-2012, 11:37 PM
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Default Disambiguation

So I think we need to address Disambiguation pages now that we are splitting up so many shows by season (which is fantastic by the way). My understand of a "Disambiguation page" is that it helps you to find which page you are looking for when things have the same name. So for example, if I look up M26 it helps me figure out if I am looking for the M26 Hand Grenade, the M26 Shotgun or the M26 Taser. Similarly, if I look up Hawaii Five-0 it helps me figure out if I want the Original series or the remake.

Then there are the pages where a show has been split up in to seasons. In my opinion this do not fall under the category of disambiguation pages. So for example the NCIS page should not be cagegorized as a disambiguation page but should be under the "Television, Crime, War, Detective and Mystery" categories just like each of its individual season pages.

I could definitely see a compromise here where the main page gets both the "Disambiguation" and "TV, Crime, etc" but I feel that the main page should at least be categorized the same as the individual season pages.

What do people think?

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