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Old 04-17-2012, 09:19 PM
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Default Fun with bots

So, some guy called Cheywoodward2 seems to have himself an editing bot which has proceeded to remove all double-spaced line breaks from articles. Trouble is Cheywoodward2's bot is stupid and so has removed all the double-spaced linebreaks which indicate paragraphs from articles. This, in case anyone is wondering, is why I'm currently having an enjoyable time rolling back hundreds of edits the buggering thing had made over the last day, since I haven't the time to check every individual edit to see if it's good or not.

Could we amend the rules to make using a bot without admin permission a bannable offence? This is ridiculous and he should never have done it without asking the admins exactly what his bot should and should not be allowed to change.
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