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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
Back to the original reason WHY moviemaster1993 was banned ...

Summit Entertainment is suing an Argentine woman for 'leaking and distributing' production photos and images from the as yet unreleased new "Twilight"movie called "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn". moviemaster1993 was leaking unauthorized Transformers 3 photos before the movie's release. Even after it's theatrical release, IMFDB cannot use images not taken from official sources or the DVD itself. So the rule is ... Until the movie is RELEASED on DVD or Blu Ray or VOD, then only officially released images are kosher, period! (officially released includes the trailer).

Leaked production/behind the scenes images are NOT allowed on IMFDB.
So this means once the DVD is out, we can bring back the production stills? Cause I saw the movie and the guns were hard to pick out.

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