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Originally Posted by 2wingo View Post
Definitely. She'll have a few "off-the-grid" hidey-holes in various parts of the city.

I'm just gonna level with you, I don't LIKE the AR-15/M16 variants. They just don't click with my sense of aesthetics. If it's my only option, I'll take it, but if I can find something that does the job just as well or better, I'll go for that first.
That's your choice. But you can't do much customization with a Mini-14, and I personally think it's too 1980s.

Speaking of, I'm thinking about revisiting my first choice, the LWRC M6A2 PSD in 6.8 Remington SPC. I know the 6.8 hasn't seen much in the way of military use (excepting the Jordanian Army), but I've spoken to a lot of hunters and they all agree that they prefer it over the .223 Remington. Plenty of manufacturers make assault rifles chambered for the 6.8, so it won't be that hard to acquire. And the PSD fulfills all of Hanna's needs.
I personally think think 5.56 is better, but it's your story. Have fun trying to find any though. And get the SD3 rather than the SD6. Three-round burst is unnecessary.

Also, I might try the Kel-Tec RFB for her sniper rifle. A bullpup forward-ejecting 7.62 NATO rifle that takes FN FAL mags could be good. And you could switch between 18, 24, and 30 inch barrels as needed.

What sort of accessories are you giving her? What kind of dot/holographic sight, weaponslights, etc.

The Mossberg JIC's 6+1 capacity seemed a better choice than the Remington WP's 4+1, coupled with the fact that you can attach a stock to it.
Sounds good.

I figured that I'd have them smooth things over at Immigration by falsifying Erik's background to say that he was a naturalized citizen at the time of Hanna's birth, making Hanna a citizen by jus sanguinis. A forged birth certificate later, and her cover is complete.

I plan to have Hanna try to live a peaceful life in New York, but seeing crime happen without punishment, coupled with the stress of life in a big city, causes her killing instincts to come out and drive her to vigilantism.
You don't need an assault rifle to stop muggings, find some serious criminals to fight. Drug/human smugglers? Mafia? Would-be terrorists?

Oh, and my comment about unconventional carry of weapons? Bra Holster.
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