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Old 09-03-2010, 03:01 AM
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Default Bond vs Bourne vs Bauer

Who do you think would win if they fought each other? You'd have to rule out gadget (Bond wins by killing the other 2 with a hail of fire from his remote-control, bullet-proof flying car, then finishes them off with his wrist dart gun) or supporting organizations (Bourne hasn't got one and the other can use satellites to "cheat"). Disclaimer: I've seen all 3 Bourne movies, the first 7 hours of Season 1 of 24, and no James Bond films.
Personally, I think Bond and Bauer have been around too long. Bond, who's still around only due to stupid villains and bad guys who can't shoot straight, should at least (after 22 Bond girls) have an STD that forces him to retire and Bauer should either be in prison for ignoring the law to bring down various criminals or retired after season 5. How does a guy spend 18 months getting tortured in a Chinese prison and get his job back? The Chinese should know EVERYTHING about CTU and he should be a total wreck.
As for their weapon, Bond is a a disadvantage, since he has a little 32. PPK, rather than the 9mm weapons that Jason and Lack prefer. Also, Bond has wildly stupid villains (irradiate the gold in Fort Knox to drive up the price of gold worldwide? Wipe out all mankind from space? and other dumb plots) and is dumb himself. Spies/assassins don't walk into a bar, have drink with their target, and announce that they're the guy who took out 15 other maniacal billionaires. Bauer? Let's see: in the beginning of season 1, his boss is ambushed in a building and calls Jack. Rather than get a half-dozen co-workers to help him, he goes alone, with just a pistol. Uh, I thought the No. 2 rule of gunfights, right after "bring a gun", is "bring a bigger gun than the other guy" So he goes, boss gets killed, and Jack take the incriminating card back with him...only to confide in the PERSON THE CARD SAID WAS THE BAD GUY!!! Anyway, Bourne improvises, never breaks a law if he can help it (Not often, I admit) and generally seems much smarter that the other two guys. Jason just seems like a more intelligent person and a better spy.

Sorry if this seems disjointed, confused, or biased, it's late. And please no other film characters either.
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