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Old 09-04-2014, 02:13 AM
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Default We're all going to die

FYI I know I havent posted here in a while but I've already started digging a hole in my backyard.

Russian General Calls for Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO
Putin: You better not come after a nuclear-armed Russia
NATO To Create 'Spearhead' Rapid Reaction Force In Response To Ukraine Crisis
"Significant escalation": Russian tanks enter Ukraine

I thought you all should know...
oh and btw

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Old 09-04-2014, 03:32 AM
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Old 09-04-2014, 04:59 AM
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Well, if this does happen, I'd like to tell you all that it's been nice knowing you guys.
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Old 09-04-2014, 11:23 AM
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As much as the concept of a visit from the Instant Sunshine Fairy scares the crap out of me, this all just seems to me to be like Russia jumping up and down and screaming for attention while everyone else is fixated on the goings-on in the Middle East.
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Old 09-04-2014, 09:10 PM
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The Crimea has historically been in the Russian sphere of influence.

That being said, well, you got to die of something, I just wish my initials were JC, and that Mother had married a Green Beret instead of a PJ.

If I just randomly pinned on four stars; you guys would follow me, right?
I like to think, that before that Navy SEAL double tapped bin Laden in the head, he kicked him, so that we could truly say we put a boot in his ass.
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Old 09-04-2014, 10:50 PM
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I think it's a little odd that we're defending Ukraine a lot more vigorously than we did Georgia, whih was actually an ally of ours. But as Bond villain-y as Putin is, I believe he's driven by pragmatism rather than ideology, and cooler heads will prevail. If I'm wrong, may radioactive fire rain from the sky.
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