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Old 06-26-2018, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by StanTheMan View Post
For a long while I've only ever handled or shot guns, even technically possessed them. But now I have finally taken the plunge of being an 'evil' firearms owner. And so to show what I hope will be the start of many to come.

First, a Smith revolver. Always intended to make one of them my first handgun, and really couldn't ask for more. Was planning on a 686, but this boy was there at a damn nice price and for its age is still sharp and tight. The nickle finish is still quite solid. My idea of a fidget spinner.

(Mind the crappy cell phone images.. Hey, its what I got!)

Smith & Wesson Model 13-1

And I was lucky enough to then spot this about a hundred below the norm, all new in-box. Wasn't cleaned out so had to hit it up too. Just in case I have to go all Alternate 1985 Strickland on some slackers.

A nickel plated Model 13. Very cool indeed.
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