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Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
I don't think you should read too much into what condition people carry pistols in for TV and movies. I would imagine that most of the time when you see a pistol in a holster it is either a replica or completely unloaded, so don' think they would bother cocking it to look like it was loaded. Also, they might not like people walking around with a holstered gun that it cocked, as it may be a safety concern.

Just BTW, I don't think you should ever carry a 1911 in condition 2 anyway, either 1 or 3 are the safer ways. It was designed to be carried cocked with the safety on, and in the original 1911s (pre Series 80 I think) there wasn't a hammer block meaning that if dropped from a height or knocked with considerable force there is a danger of it going off it it was kept hammer down on a loaded chamber.
Well, the safety issue is another reason why it bugs me. I've seen a lot of debate online as to whether or not Browning designed it to be carried cocked, but my point was, if he had any safety concerns, he probably would've picked a different sidearm. And I understand that it's just a show, and I've seen plenty of that capping Law & Order , (I'm still kicking myself for not keeping that cap of a cop walking around with an empty holster,) but this show talks a lot about guns, in a gun-friendly region.
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