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Old 12-18-2008, 08:05 PM
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Default Clarification of Fictional Firearms Part 2

Due to the inputs of some new members of completely fantasy weapons (like the Moonraker Laser), I propose that we LIMIT pages to weapons that are either based on real guns, use real guns inside, are presented as real guns in the story (but aren't in real life), are used as guns in the context of the story.

Hellboy's large guns are acceptable because they appear to be real guns and the general public may be interested as to whether or not the props were based on any real world design.

What I am completely against (no offense to anyone) is the trend of putting ALL sci fi weapons here. For example, I don't want to see the SPACE:1999 laser pistol, or the Star Trek PHASER (all incarnations), or the laser wands of "Andromeda" or any Klingon Disruptor or the Phased Plasma guns from Babylon 5 .... you see my point. People KNOW that these are fantasy weapons. There is no point in having them on a FIREARMS site, unless there is enough of a crossover (or possibility of confusion) as to whether or not they are REAL or not. Many of the original STAR WARS guns were built on REAL guns, so they're okay. The Fictional or fantasy weapons are okay when listed on the MOVIE's page, (like was done with crossbows and swords), but do NOT merit their own page in the GUN Category.

Please let me know your thoughts or input.
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