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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
The PT92 and the PT1911 are probably their only decent products. The former is just an improvement on the original Beretta 92 and the PT1911 is just a budget higher grade 1911 built with an Imbel frame, which is dumb cause you can just buy a Springer Loaded. Still, Smith makes good autos and 1911s too, and in America, so Taurus pales in comparison.
Doesn't Taurus make a lot of their guns at least partially at the Miami plant now?

At the very least, the good thing about buying a Taurus is the warranty and the way they listen to customer feedback. Also, the PT92s that they make nowadays (which aren't at all like the older one I used to have) are a WAY better buy than the Beretta 92FS, IMO.
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