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Old 07-19-2011, 01:18 AM
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Honestly I was not in favor of censoring the quotes in the first place and I'm still not, even if high profile people come on here. Keeping personal swearing to a minimum so as to keep professional is one thing, and I support that, but all due respect, if they're part of the film industry they should consider that the quotes aren't ours and don't reflect the user or admin base, granted we do pick which quotes show and which don't, but most of them are pretty iconic and just NEED to be included if anything is to be. They should also consider that those quotes are part of art made by artists and it's not fair to want to see their work censored.

As far as the professional nature of the site is concerned, a lot of the pages, including some major ones, lack an aesthetic of professionalism, and we're a Wiki as well, so even if we censor swear words we have a dozen other things that can potentially make us seem up-professional, and at the end of the day, we are, since it's a Wiki and it's more or less free for anyone to edit, and as such there's irregular uniformity. Back to the matter at hand though, if people can't handle some swear words in iconic movie quotes, I say we just get rid of them, especially if they are going to be butchered with asterisks. I'd sooner see no quotes on the site at all like MPM is suggesting then to see them that way. It sucks the life out of them and makes this site too PG for the content we represent (firearms useage to a minimal extent, as well as R-Rated movies and the like).

tl;dr: Just get rid of the quotes completely.
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