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Old 08-31-2009, 05:17 AM
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Question Realistic Shooting Video Games?

Hi, firstly i just wanted to say this is a really cool site and the people here really have a great knowledge of firearms. Hopefully i can learn more myself along the way as i'm a bit of a beginner. Anyways, i was just wondering if anyone knew of any video games with realistic/semi-realistic shooting mechanics in it. I saw the thread about realistic shootouts in films which i thought was very interesting and gave me the idea for this thread. So first i thought i'd start with the ones i've already played.

Probably the most realistic games i've played in this regard are Operation Flashpoint and Arma. Both are excellent games (require a bit of patience though). The Main complaints i have with OF (which is a game that i do love to death nonetheless) is that the gun sounds aren't very good, no handguns (though i think they were added in the resistance expansion) and even though AI die fairly quick the sometimes don't react from a bullet as expected. Though all round Operation Flashpoint and Arma i think are very realistic tactical shooters. (I haven't actually played Arma 2 yet btw, don't think it would work on my pc though)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl has some nice shooting mechanics in terms of bullet drop, but overall it some area's that i think are a bit unrealistic. Mostly in terms of damage where the AI can take a lot of round to the body and barely react. I remember shooting a guy in the foot about five times with an AKS-74U and he barely reacted lol. But i do like that handguns are pretty useless over long ranges. It does have a great selection of guns (some of the models and sounds are a bit off though) and also has a lot of cartridge varities. The oblivion lost mod fixes a lot of issues i had with the game in general though.

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is extremely realistic, especially for an online shooter. It's one of the few games i play online often, but unfortunately there are fewer and fewer servers. There's a fine selection of guns and they all have a nice ammount of recoil. The number of bullets left in a magazine is not shown and there is no crosshair. The obvious thing to note though is that bullet have a 'tracer' effect, but this is a sacrifice of realism for the sake of gameplay. Damage is very realistic and it took me some time to adapt after playing CSS for so long lol.

I don't have a huge experience with the Rainbow Six Games, but i have played Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield that seemed very realistic. Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 seemed to break away from the series a bit and i felt they lacked the realism and style of it's predecessors. I've only really played a couple of Ghost Recon games (haven't tried either GRAW yet). Though i've got to admit that Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon games aren't particularly to my taste. I'm not sure why but i'm just not a fan of controlling a squad all the time, don't mind it on occassiona though.

Games that i've heard of but yet to play are; Sniper-elite, the original Far Cry (the original farcry, though i doubt it'll be too realistic) and Hidden and Dangerous.

So the question is are there any realistic shooting games you could recommend me, preferably with a minimal focus on controlling a squad.
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