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Default Accuracy International AW

On the AI AW page there's a message about some of the design variations in the L96/L96A1 & the AW. I don't really know much about the AI AW rifles, but i think some of the improvements of the AW over the L96A1 are a bolt that handles lower temperatures better, slightly different butt stock (L96 has a curvier one), different scope and a muzzle brake. I could be wrong but i think those were some of the differences.
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You're probably right. I did a lot of the work on the page, but I really don't know much about the AW rifles besides what I've read on the Remtek arms site and World Guns. When the page was originally created, it was only for the L96, which is kind of odd because whoever made it didn't stop to think that other AW rifle variants existed. So I did some work on it, but I was definitely not the best person for the job.
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