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Old 11-06-2017, 11:51 PM
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Default What if: Gate: Thus the JSDF fought got a US adaptation

I'm writing this because I'm bored at the office.

I know a lot of us aren't that active on here, but I hope some of us jump on into this idea that's been interesting me since I had discovered this series.

For those that don't know, we have this page

The summary explains most of it, though the trope website actually points out a lot of plot holes from why no US involvement due to the writer of the book being a bit of a far right-wing activist that wished for the US to leave Japan, but I'm not here to discuss that.

I want to discuss on what would a "perfect" adaptation of this concept into America would be like. We can throw down which director, actors, etc as we talk about it, but I think this concept is ok enough to be changed over to a completely different country without much changes. Hell, I think we can actually keep the main character a Japanese guy (be in Japanese-American this time) and add more to the cast.

The main part I liked to talk about is what weapons and equipment should be used for our side, and which branch of the US military will take a primary role on the other side of the gate?

Unlike the original book, they decided to use older style weapons and equipment for the first push into the other side of the Gate due to budget reasons. For America, I think with the world's largest military budget, we can afford sending the latest tech.

I'm gonna put it out there that no one jerks off to the US military more than Micheal Bay and after rewatching 13 Hours again, I think he'd be the perfect director with the right connections to this, though I think his movies trying to be more friendly with China would be a problem. In fact, a lot of Hollywood are trying to be China friendly to get all that money. Let's just assume he makes this movie without appeasing China because later in the story we have Russian and Chinese intelligence teams infiltrating and starting a fire fight.

For me, I'd keep Itami as a character, even going far to give him an American nickname of "Tommy" and because I favor the Marines, I want him to be a Marine, specifically in the Marine Raider Regiment since the original character was technically special forces. He's visiting Chicago for comic-con when it happened. The reason why comic-con instead of Anime probably because the genre still isn't as mainstream enough for the American audience to relate to. Also depending on which studio picks this up, there might be copyright characters to work around.

If Micheal Bay does get this role, then we can expect obligatory Salient Arms product placements in the hands of our characters. Though I would want Itami to be armed with something the Marine Raiders would use like the Daniel Defense MK 18s I keep seeing in the promotional videos.

Though, I actually like the director of Kong: Skull Island, who is said to direct the Metal Gear Solid movie and he's reportedly an Anime fan, so he might do this more justice.

So, anybody else got ideas for this crazy concept.

Just imagine US forces going up against Roman style soldiers and just wrecking them.

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