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Old 12-31-2009, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by k9870 View Post
Im okay with pro gun commentary, as long as its not stupid and is well informed. Just get rid of political crap on other issues that have nothing to do with guns, like if you see abortion/environment/gay amrriage debates, delete those. There was also that dumbass ira supporter putting crap on the patriot games page, get rid of that crap too if you see more.
Gah, that person was the most miss informed Asshole I have ever met on this site. I'm sorry but Irish history is alot less the british are a bunch of murderous scumbags than he could ever wish. Everything he spouted was propaganda.

Back on subject, From every reliable source of information i can find Gun bans are allways for political reasons and not for public safty.
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