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Few tidbits you may find interesting - I'm shipping off to Kandahar in 3 1/2 weeks, and I'm issued both a rifle (C7A2) and pistol (Browning Hi Power). I work mainly inside the wire, and day-to-day I just carry my pistol and keep my rifle locked up in my foot locker. I'm issued 2 mags for the pistol, and 5 for the rifle. They'll give me another 5 if I ask for them.

Infantry types (who, unlike video games, are rarely issued pistols) will always carry at least 10 mags, often more. This is on top of normally carrying a belt for one of the section LMGs. This is a problem, as our tac vest is only designed to carry 4 (plus one on the weapon). They usually either replace their canteen pouch with a spare ammo pouch, since we're now issued camelbacks, or just get a new vest altogether. You'll see alot of non-issued kit, I for example do not use the issue holster, as it is shit.

When in KAF, you always have to carry a weapon - those of us lucky enough to have a pistol usually carry that, those without carry their rifle, or if they're really unlucky, LMG. You also always carry one loaded mag, though not on the weapon. Risk of accidental discharge.
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