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Old 08-14-2009, 04:11 AM
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Ok here are a few more of My weapons with some explanation behind them.

Ash's SR-25: Ash is a highly trained assassin who was trained since she was a toddler to be a killer. Her motis Operandi is to sniper her targets from between 800 and 1,000m.

Trash's SR-25: Lifelong partner to Ash, Trash handles the spotting and the Close in Defence of their hide site.

Isabella's G-26: Isabella is a very high end Thief by trade specializing in industrial espionage against hardened targets. She carries the Glock as a Just in case weapon.

Johnny's Desert Eagles: a Gift from his Girlfriend Maria. Normally he uses a matching pair of .45s but as Maria put it "What else do you get a Texas Shootist but the Nastiest handguns you can find."
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