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Old 04-26-2017, 05:31 AM
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Default My Colt AR Builds To Date/ Post Your Tac-Rifles!

I've hit another milestone with regard to my two rifle builds and I've been sharing them across the net, so I figure now would be a good time to post them here too.

This is my early 2000s/Invasion of Iraq M4A1 Carbine build. While not "retro" by arfcom standards, it's definitely a dated build. It's a boring ass M4A1 build with a SOCOM barrel, Knights Armament RAS and N1 CAR Stock, with a Matech Rear Sight, a Gen 2 "Fat Body" Surefire M951 with SW02 Tailcap, and an Aimpoint Comp M2/M68 CCO. I think people take this setup for granted, as it is really the genesis of the high tech AR world we know and love today. It's the first generation of contemporary durable electronic optics and lights, which has also seen significant action in the GWOT. Everyone is really into rifles that are pre-red dot, but this is the father of all we know as "tacticool" with a legitimate service record to boot. It helps that videogames meme'd this rifle really hard too. The only part I'm missing for the build is the Side Sling Swivel that mounts under the Front Sight Base. The worst part is that I have the one from the upper, but the rollpins are stuck in really hard and I can't tap them out to install it.

And this is my long awaited SBR build. I got my Form 1 for my first LE6920SOCOM back on February 14th this year, so I basically got married to it on Valentines Day, how cute. It's loosely inspired by the MK18 Mod 1/Block II Build, but I've done some things that are not to that spec. For the general upper, the MK18 RIS II is Black and not FDE, and the barrel is a SOCOM I profile and not a standard Government profile. For rail accessories, it has Troy Folding Battlesights, HK Front and Standard Rear, a Gear Sector QD Swivel Mount to go with the Noveske QD End Plate, Knights Armament Rail Covers, and a Tango Down QD Vertical Foregrip. The electronics are an Aimpoint Comp M4s with the stock QRP2 Mount, and a Surefire X300UB. I'm really liking the light for a carbine, very simple setup and very bright. If my Form 4s ever come back I will also be getting a QD suppressor for it for double stamp cred.

And hey, why don't we just have a good old fashioned post your rifles thread? Lets see what everyone else has in the tacticool department.

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