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Old 04-08-2013, 08:07 PM
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Default Something strange I noticed

Sorry for starting yet another topic but I wanted to completely redo the Day of Defeat site:

and I noticed something very strange.

Steps to reproduce:

- Go to the Link above

- Press the discussion tab (you will notice that the game goes to the "Day of Defeat: Source" discussion page)

- press the page tab

- you will land on the Day of Defeat: Source website, NOT on the Day of Defeat

Does anybody know why?

There should be two seperate pages for:

Day of Defeat (and Discussion)

Day of Defeat: Source (and Discussion)

Any way to fix this?

Those two games are completely seperate (like Half Life 1 and 2) so the pages should also be treated like this.

I am not good enough to fix this myself sorry.

Any help greatly appreciated as I really want to get the Day of Defeat site done in the next few days (I have all the material already prepared and ready for upload).
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