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Originally Posted by 2wingo View Post
Yeah, good point. Maybe just a regular compound bow.
Thank you

Between the end of the movie and the start of the fanfic, she went back to the cabin to retrieve whatever personal effects remained there.
Makes sense

Not necessarily. In a deleted scene on the DVD, Hanna is shown to receive postcards from them, so presumably Marissa let them go after they were interrogated.
Didn't know that

Let me explain the concept of a black market to you. When a good or service is highly in demand but the legitimate market is made illegal, certain enterprising individuals find ways to get them and then sell them to the people who want them at prices reflecting the availability and risk of obtaining said good or service. One of the benefits of purchasing firearms from such individuals is that they don't care whether or not you are allowed by law to own firearms, they will sell them to you as long as you can meet their price.
I do understand the concept of the black market.

I've never seen that show.
You should check it out, it's good. First season at least, second got bogged down in ancient-conspiracy nonsense.

True, IRL it's only really used to get your enemy to hunker down while you get into position, but I'd still like Hanna to have weapons that are select-fire.
Hey, it's your story.

All of the consequences and legalities you mentioned are entirely dependent upon one thing: Getting caught. NYC is an enormous city with over 8 million people, a good 80% of which are unlikely to talk to or even call the police for anything less than a full-scale riot or gang war. Considering Hanna's MO of striking quickly at her targets and then vanishing into the night, the chances of this are pretty low.
Part of my concern is simply my being a law-abiding gun nut. The rest is the fact that there are plenty of surveillance cameras, albeit not enough to cover the city. And people are not that apathetic. Pistols in the alley at 1AM will get you an overworked detective and zero interest. Machine-gun fire gets people interested and brings in the FBI and ATF.

BTW, where did she get tactical training? Her father taught her wilderness survival, but being skilled with firearms and urban combat is a very different thing. She'd be fine if you dropped her in Siberia. Fighting trained and well-equipped bad guys if vastly different than fighting a couple tracksuited mooks in the film.

I'm still vastly over-thinking stuff, aren't I?
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