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Old 11-24-2009, 11:01 PM
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Bullet design has come along way since the FBI Shooting in Miami in 1986. It's also my understanding that there has also been design changes since the 1997 North Hollywood shooting.

I think when you get right down to it any handgun caliber is less than ideal for a gunfight. There is an old saying (I'm paraphrasing here) that anybody who knowingly goes into a gunfight with just a handgun is a fool.

But most of them time we don't know that we're heading into a gunfight and a handgun beats a rock. So we do the best we can.

I like the 9mm, but I strive to be an accurate shot and know my sidearm. Immediate action drills etc. These things will carry you farther then the biggest most powerful handgun caliber in the world.
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Old 11-25-2009, 03:28 AM
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First of all, 10mm Auto is not a shitty caliber. It is the .357 Magnum for automatics, and from what I hear does a good job with recoil and power. It's only shortcoming is the fact that it isn't very popular, or as popular as other handgun calibers.

Second, 9mm sidearm is, for all intents and purposes, the best caliber for a handgun. It's THE military handgun caliber, it's everywhere, it's relatively cheap, and reasonably powered with more than manageable recoil. With good defense ammo like Gold Dots or Golden Sabers you'll take down whatever you might need to.

.45 ACP is a close second, and the only reason it falls short, in my opinion, is it's cost and the capacity issue. Performance wise it's better than 9mm, and I'd feel safe loading ball ammo for self defense, something I wouldn't do with 9mm. I've got one fo each and I like both, but 9mm, as an "all purpose" round, has a slight edge.
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Old 11-25-2009, 04:07 AM
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10mm is supposed to be a good trail gun claiber for those not very good with revolvers.
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