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Old 01-21-2009, 04:20 AM
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Default What are your thoughts on SPOILERS?

I am against spoilers on IMFDB pages. I try to be as general and generic as I can when writing descriptions.

Bear with me. I have a hypothetical example here:

I personally don't like reading "Character A is killed and then Character B picks up his gun and then is run over by a truck, but before he dies he shoots Character C who then throws the hidden treasure that everyone is looking for, over the cliff, thereby ensuring that no one gets anything ...."

Is that much detail necessary? I am actually AVOIDING reading pages until I can see the movie, just because of that.

I would write:
"Character A uses this gun in the film and Character B later uses the same gun." I don't mention Character C at all because he doesn't use a gun and his death is supposed to be a surprise or a reveal. Why mention it at all?

I actually like IMDB's policy of not allowing spoilers or at least ALERTING readers that information within a page contains spoilers.

This intolerance comes from a lifetime of people (acquaintances) ruining movies for me ... my entire life Thoughts anyone? As an admin I am tempted to either edit spoilers or make warnings for readers on those pages....
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