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Old 10-04-2011, 07:24 PM
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Default Quit making and using templates that screw up the first photo....

More and more members are making templates that don't align the image to the uppermost right hand corner of the page. In movie pages, this creates a weird white space above the most poster when the template tries to align it with the Table of Contents.

In actor pages, it pushes the actor's screenshot to the far right (squishing it to the right of the guns usage table).

And in each case, many pages are missing the little 'blurb' introducing the person to either the actor or the project.

This should be done especially in the cases of foreign or obscure actors and or projects. Lots of times, I have never heard of the project and though I don't want to know the PLOT (and spoilers) I would like to know more about it (like when it was released and in what format and where).

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Old 10-04-2011, 07:51 PM
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Do you mean putting the image right at the top of the page rather than, say, right above the <br clear="all"> part? I don't think anyone standardised where the image should go, but if there's a good reason to put it at the very top I'll make sure to always do that.

As for the other part, as I recall the majority of old pages don't introduce themselves either, though I try to make a habit of adding descriptions to pages I work on (introduction and for games an overview of how weapons are involved in the game, anything that's true of the game's weapons in general, and any terminology I might be using). It's a good habit to get into, though, and I could have a look around movies I'm familiar with and write up descriptions for more of them next time I've got some spare time.

Edit: So MPM, would you regard this as a good example of formatting and article lead-in? The mention of the remake would be linked if anyone ever made an article for it, though it's just one of those ones distributed by a certain knock-off factory.

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