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Old 02-25-2016, 10:31 PM
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Default Rise of the Tomb Raider guns

Figured I'd put this here, since there's no game forum.

Lara finds what looks like a Smith and Wesson revolver in Siberia early in the game. Not sure what kind, have to go back and grab a screenshot.

She's still using the Remington R1 Enhanced from the first game as the "Semi-auto pistol", in a cutscene in England, Syria (with infinite spare ammo), and Siberia. Comes in normal and DLC-only "Accipitor Noxa" version in matte black

There's also a "Heavy Pistol" I haven't found yet.

For rifles we have the "Assault Rifle", an 5.56 NATO AK-type rifle, probably a Romanian WASR-3. Used by Lara, Trinity soldiers, and Remnant fighters

There's also the "Bolt-Action Rifle" (still need more parts), "Sub-machine Gun" (probably the Japanese Type 100 from the last game, some of the locals carry it), and the "Military Rifle", a G36K.

The only shotgun I have so far is the "Pump-action Shotgun", a Remington 870 in "witness protection" configuration with a Ithaca pump handle.

Also a "Tactical Shotgun", which looks like Mosgerb-y, and two others I haven't seen yet.

You can also buy an M203 for your rifles, and frag grenades are modeled off of Airsoft VG-25 rounds for some bizarre reason. Also a weird machine gun I saw once.
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Old 02-26-2016, 01:39 AM
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Game implies that there's a break-action shotgun, and the SMG is an MP7.

Heavy Pistol should be the USP Match, based on the weapon icon

Also, really nice shot of Jonah with a Remington R1

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Old 03-13-2016, 03:05 AM
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The revolver is a Nagant, and the Heavy Pistol is a Desert Eagle.

The Full-Auto Shotgun is a Saiga, and the Bolt-action is something I can't identify.

I got the unique Ful-Auto Shotgun on my second playthrough, but have no idea what for.

I should have the page up on Monday, but I still need to play the whole game again to fully upgrade some stuff and get the 100% completion double-barrel shotgun.
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